Module Four (7 weeks)

  • Title: Deliverance 101: Introduction to Deliverance

  • Purpose: To create awareness and accuracy in the area of deliverance for intercessors

  • Outcome: Students will know a biblically sound approach to deliverance through prayer

  • Text: Eckhart, J. (2015). Unshakeable. Charisma House.


Module IV Outline

  • Orientation

    • Overview of the module

  • Week One: What is Deliverance?

    • Fears and falsehoods of deliverance

  • Week Two: Jesus and Deliverance

    • Examples of Jesus’ works of deliverance that are in the scriptures

  • Week Three: Open Doors

    • Why deliverance is necessary

  • Week Four: The Deliverance Minister

    • Prayer and deliverance in tandem

  • Week Five: Study Hall

  • Week Six: Student Presentations